Four Stories of hearts United with a little help from Grandma...

Blind Dates by: Kristen Billerbeck~Colleen Coble~ Denise Hunter~Bev Huston

Back Cover:

"Mix Four single women and one doting grandmother, and what do you get? Blind Dates!

Mattie Stevens has forgotten about Jeff Weatherly. After all, it's been years since the two were an item...but Grandma certainly remembers. What can Mattie do when Jeff returns to town and Grandma pushes her back toward "the one who got away"?

As a successful interior designer, Callie's tired of men who pursue her for her money...so she's said good-bye to love. But Grandma insists she go on just one date with a particular architect-after all, he doesn't like "hard-headed" businesswomen! Will love unexpectedly enter their plans?

When Grandma's latest "eligible young man" skips the blind date Chelsea agreed to, Chelsea sends a poisonous e-mail before learning what actually happened. Later, when his company renovates he apartment, she meets the man and finds attraction building. How can she win his heart...without divulging her secret of the ugly e-mail?

Melissa puts on a wild woman act to drive off the latest blind date Grandma's arranged. But wait-who's that guy waiting for her in the living room? Will in-line skates help her get on track with the right man?

Don't miss these charming stories of reluctant romance, spurred by a grandma who knows God has a perfect love for each of her four granddaughters.


Way To go Grandma! She's really good at this whole matchmaking thing!

After Chelsea's date works out, and she falls for Kyle, The other granddaughters, just think it was a fluke...so they "Band' together against Grandma and her blind dates. But when grandma says, yes, to one for Callie, She can't help but go. No matter how she tries, not to like this guy, he keeps growing on her...and helps her get out of her "businesswomen Cape" and into some comfy jeans and boots! But when Grandma sets Melissa up with this one guy, She thinks Grandma's gone nuts...But when she answers the door, Her world Changes...and so does Greg's! Mattie's Highschool sweetheart returns to town...for 2 reasons...his nephew...and her. But can she get over the hurt that happened 10 years ago?

I love these 4-in-1 stories! especially when they build on each other. It was an easy read, but fun.

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2 Responses
  1. Julianna Says:

    I really liked this book. Makes me miss my grandma.

  2. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    It was a gr8 book! Thanks so much for letting me borrow it!!!!

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