A Bride Most Begrudging by Deeanne Gist

Back Cover:

Do You Believe in Love at First Fight?

Any ship arriving from England means good news for Virginia colony farmers. The "tobacco brides" would be on board-eligible women seeking a better life in America, bartered for with barrels of tobacco from the fields.

Drew O'Connor isn't stirred by news of a ship full of brides. Still broken-hearted from the loss of his beloved, he only wants a maid to tend his house and care for his young sister.

What he ends up with is a wife- a feisty redhead who claims she is Lady Constance Morrow, daughter of an Earl, brought to America against her will. And she wants to go straight back to England as soon as she can. She hasn't the foggiest notion how to cook, dares to argue with her poor husband, and spends more time working on mathematical equations than housework. What kind of a wife is that? Drew's Christian forbearance is in for some testing.

Headstrong and intelligent, deeply moral but incredibly enticing, Constance turns what was supposed to be a marriage of convenience into something most inconvenient, indeed.


I love this book, I actually love all of Deeanne Gist's books, but this is a great read. Her Characters are so alive, and you find youself transported to their life. All of a sudden your there with Drew Picking and Planting Cotton, and with Constance washing the dishes in the stream.

Constance was on board a vessil on it's way to America to say good-bye to her uncle...the only problem is that she never got off...that is until it came into port in America. This is where she was sold as a tobacco bride...only the man that paid for her, also lost her in a card game, making her Drew O'Connor's bride.

When they're forced to get married by the governor, only they made an agreement that it would only be a marriage of convience.

Drew couldn't believe the predicament he was in, he was married -to a redhead of all things- and she didn't know how to do anything. She couldn't clean, cook, the only thing she could do was sew and do mathematical problems. What good would that do her in the colonies of America?

Follow these two wonderful characters through the trying problems of colony life...and how they go from fighting...to tolerating eachother!

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  1. I really loved this book! :) I mentioned on the interview post that I just finished reading it last night. I love the way Constance transforms, and even though I wanted to knock Drew in the head at times, I enjoyed seeing their relationship develop.

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