This week I'd like to welcome Deeanne Gist to Caffeine & Romance, Thanks for being here today Deeanne.
Thanks for having me, Rae. Caffeine & Romance is such a fun blog. I love that you spotlight one author for an entire week. That way the reader gets a more rounded picture of each work. That’s especially beneficial for authors like me whose books differ in themes, moods, time periods and locales!

1. Are you a full time writer, or do you do something else as well?
I’m a full-time writer and work an eight-hour day, but those days are also full of many other things besides writing. Email correspondence, blogging, social networking, PR, research, phone calls, etc. Once I take care of those administrative duties that need to be done, I hunker down and write.
Of course, real life sometimes interferes. My husband and I just recently became empty-nesters…in theory, at least. The four kids are still a big part of our daily lives, though.

2. I've Read a great deal of you books, and they are all in my 'Favorite' section of my bookshelves, But what is your inspiration for them?
I have always been fascinated with obscure historical tidbits about our country that we never learned about in high school. I find them in time-line books or in articles somewhere. Then I play the “what-if” game.

3. Do you have a favorite Time Period to write in? If So Why?
Not really. The premises in my books are driven by something intriguing that happens in our history. Those don’t always occur in the same time and location. So I research the time period and location surrounding the event I’ve chosen. I’ve found that by the time I spend an entire year in one particular time period, I’m usually ready for something new and different.

4. Do you have a Favorite series/book? Why?
If you’re asking about my own books, then no. Each one is different, and the characters are so individual in my mind. It’s like someone asking which child do I love the most. But if you’re asking about books written by someone else, then I do have some favorites.
My all time favorite book (which, ironically, isn’t a romance) is To Kill A Mockingbird. My all time favorite romance author in the secular industry is LaVyrle Spencer--her historicals. In the inspirational genre, I think Francine Rivers is at the top of her craft and I enjoy her books very much.

5. From reading your stories, I know that Faith is a big part of them. Would you like to Share your testimony?
I was introduced to Christ at the same time I learned about Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. One by one, the imaginary entities fell to the wayside, making way for the One and Only. I committed my life to Christ at the age of 9 while eating a bowl of Fruit Loops. (Which is still my favorite cereal!) Ever since, my faith has been an important part of everything I do.

6. What's The Hardest part of writing books?
The first draft and the time limitations are the hardest things for me to cope with. When I have an idea for a book, I visit the location and do extensive research on the history. The history is fascinating and there’s always tons more neat stuff than I could possibly include in the book. I have to just pull the plug on the research and start writing.
And then there’s the ever-present publishing deadlines that are necessary in order to meet my commitments to Bethany House, my publisher. In order to publish a book a year, I have to have the manuscript ready in time to meet the editing and printing deadlines.

7. What's the Easiest?
I love going to work in my Porky Pig slippers. And I love hearing from my readers.

8. What's Next for you? Are you currently working on a Book? And would you like to share a little bit of it with our readers?
I’ll have two books published in 2010. The next one is titled Beguiled. It is a contemporary romantic suspense and will come out February 1st. I am co-writing it with a crime fiction novelist, J. Mark Bertrand.
Beguiled, is about a spunky dogwalker in Charleston who becomes the prime suspect in a series of robberies targeting her clients. Between the Charleston Police Department and an ambitious news reporter, she is caught in a complex web that puts her life in danger and threatens everything she holds dear.
My historicals always come out in June. 2010 will be no different. Maid To Match is about two servants in 1898 who fall in love while employed at Vanderbilt’s chateau in North Carolina. Problem is, all servants at Biltmore House must remain single or they lose their job.

9. How was it to work with another author on a book?
Neither of us had ever collaborated before, and we soon discovered that our first plan – to have me write one chapter from the heroine’s point of view, then have Mark write the next from the hero’s – wasn’t going to work. The story had other ideas, so we listened. Eventually we hit on the strategy of building the book up in successive drafts. Mark wrote a draft, which I then re-wrote, and we went back and forth like that until we were happy with the result. Afterward, our editor said, “That’s how most collaborations work.” Now he tells us!

10.What's Your Favorite form of Caffeine?
Peppermint mocha, extra mocha…or chocolate of any kind.

11. Anything else you would like to tell our readers?
I have a very active online community and would love for your readers to become a part of it. If they go to my website (http://www.iwantherbook.com/) then they can click on the “Blog” tab to participate in our online discussions. I upload new posts every Monday. We also have a Chat Room where my readers discuss not only my books, but other books they are reading. If they would like to contact me privately, they can click on the “Contact Dee” tab. Those emails come directly to me and I answer every single one.

Thanks for Spending time With C&R, I had a wonderful time!
Thanks for the opportunity, Ray. I enjoyed it.

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