The Measure of a Lady by Deeanne Gist

Back Cover:

Five Rules for Proper 19th-Century Ladies

Speak Politely. Even when you're the only respectable woman around, protesting San Francisco's decadent surrender to gold fever.

Dress Modestly. Wear your sunbonnet at all times. Ensure nobody sees your men's boots muddies by the city streets.

Remain Devoted to Family. Protect your siblings from the temptations that surround them, even against their wishes.

Stand Above Reproach. Most difficult when a captivation man turns out to be a saloon owner.

Rise Above Temptation. No accepting gifts. No bestowing favors. No impeachable behavior...well, maybe just one...little...kiss?

When the Rules become increasingly difficult to uphold, can Rahcel Van Buren remain a beacon of virtue in a city of vice?


When Rachel Van Buren's Father dies just off the coast of California, leaving Rachel the sole provider and protector for her two siblings.

The only problem is...she's the only Sunbonnet in town ( That's what the miner's call respectable women.) And the only place for them to live is a little shack out back of a Saloon...a Shack without a door! Leaving Rachel wondering how she was going to be able to raise Lisa and Michael as proper individuals.

Rachel is nothing by trouble for Johnnie Parker, starting, when she came waltzing into his saloon demanding he give the young man his money back...From that moment on she was a thorn in his side.

In exchange for Johnnie's shack, Rachel would clean his saloon, and cook...And Johnnie thought he could get used to this treament....Until she started closing down his saloon during the day so she could clean it...and that was just the begining to what she would do to that saloon, and to Johnnie.

The only problem is, her siblings aren't as bent on staying proper as she was...her brother wanted to work in the saloon...and her sister didn't care if she were respectable...in fact she rather enjoyed the attention the men gave her....

Will Rachel be able to enlist Johnnie's help? Or will she lose her heart to him?

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