This Months tour is Higher Honor by: S.M. Kirkland along w/ 3 Book Giveaways!

This Book that Kirkland has written is about a group of friends and forgiveness. I've nicknamed it as the book of the 2 F's. This story takes place at the John McIntosh Military Institute.

These Five Friends have finally made it to their senior year, come spring they're going to graduate. They all think that its going to be an easy year, but just a couple months into the school year a tragedy occurs that effects them all.

(back cover) Cassidy Sanders thought her senior year at the John McIntosh Military Institute would be easy even though she had a tough job as the first cadet Inspector General, tasked with ensuring training met standards without hazing. But not everyone is willing to change and when the Captain Chris Benton is Faced with possible sanctions while dealing with the stress of his ailing father, he lashes out at Sanders, brutally assaulting her. For Cassidy, its more proof that the God of her childhood was absent, for Chris its the stunning revelation that his life is spinning out of control faster than he ever imagined. How can they reconcile what happened, and find forgiveness not only toward each other, but toward themselves?

My Thoughts:

This book taught me a lot about forgiveness, and acceptance. Cassidy had to learn to put her trust in God, and to forgive Chris for what he did to her. Cassidy and Chris never got along, not from day 1. So this just put the icing on the cake, as they say. Ryan, Mandy, and Michael all know that Cassidy was Raped, but she wont tell them who did it. So they do everything they can to help Cassidy with this. It was a Great book, and I'm glad its on my shelves, so that when I have a problem with Forgiveness, I can pick up this book, read it, and realize that God can help me forgive anything, and if I don't forgive my life won't be the same.

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6 Responses
  1. Susan Says:

    Rae! What a great review! Thank you so much!

  2. Rae Byuel Says:

    No problem at all!!! I loved the book, and I'm 'honored' to have been able to review it on my blog!!! Thanks for that opportunity!!!

  3. Laura Davis Says:

    Rae, great review! I too am glad to have this book on my shelf. The story of forgiveness is a wonderful one.

  4. David Says:

    I also thought it was a great review. Good job Rae. Yeah, we're all proud of Sue and HIGHER HONOR. It took my breath away when she hit her rape scene, because my 2nd book deals with the same topic (plus drug abuse and abduction). I'm afraid I already got out-classed and I haven't even gotten published yet. ;-)

  5. cathikin Says:

    A really nice review! Your blogs are a refreshing, real look at the books you read.

  6. Susan Says:

    I worried more over the rape scene than any other, David. On thing that always frustrated me was reading a book that glossed over it "he took her forcibly". . .cut to the next scene. At the same time, I wanted to feel comfortable letting 16,17 yr olds read it.

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