Glory By Lori Copeland
320 pages
#4 in the Bride's of the West 1872 Series
First three books: Faith, June,& Hope(1-3), Ruth & Patience (5-6)

Ok, To be honest when I was reading this book I didn't know that it was the 4th one in a series, (if you hadn't noticed, this happens to me A LOT) Which is a good thing I guess, I actually thought this one was the 1st. Show's how little I know. LOL
This book, is one of my favorites. Its about a girl named Glory, When she was an infant, she fell off her families wagon heading west. And this Man, named Poppy, Found her and took her into his home. The only thing was, that he didn't teach her to be a woman, he taught her to be a man. But when Poppy dies, Glory decides to head west. On her journey there she meets up with a wagon carrying, 5 mail-order Brides, and one man named, Jackson Lincoln.

Back Cover:
On the run from a no-good scoundrel, Glory reluctantly joins a wagon train of mail-order brides heading for Denver City. But what if her secret endagers them all? And the way the handsome wagon master makes her heart do flip-flops, is just plain befuddling! As if five mail-order brides weren't a big enough handful, now Jackson has a fiercely independent young woman to look after-one who makes his job all the harder by insisting she doesn't need help!Jackson suspects otherwise...and his heart soon insists that this feisty beauty deserves the lion's share of his attention. As Glory's past unfolds, both Jackson and Glory learn important lessons about God's faithfulness-and strength of their growing love.

Doesn't that sound great?!?!?!
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~Rae Byuel~
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