Where the Wild Rose Blooms By Lori Wick
348 pages
#1 in the Rocky Mountain Memories Series

Back Cover:
In the High Mountains of Colorado, Clayton Taggert dreams of the day he can leave the rough life of a mine surveyor to become a teacher. in the midst of his plans her meets Jackie Fontaine, a newcomer from the East whose strong-willed spirit causes friction from the start.
At first Clay gains more pleasure out of teasing Jackie than wooing her. Just as the spark of love ignites, tragedy strikes, leaving Jackie with a secret so terrible she would rather loose Clay than share it with him. Can anything draw Jackie from her self-imposed exile and open the shutters of her blinded heart?

My two cents worth:
Great book, The whole series is good. even though my favorite Lori Wick book is The Princess, This one is very good.
Clay and Jackie fight for the first part of the book. Neither one realizing that what they are feeling is really love. But when Clay's father gets hurt, and they have to move to the city, Both are bombarded with the feeling that they are losing their other half. While keeping in touch through mail, their love grows more and more.
One day Clay shows up to see if the Jackie he's been writing too was the same one that he once teased. When there, he proposes, and she accepts. But not long after that, a tragedy happens to Jackie. And thinking Clay would no longer love her for it, she breaks all contact with him. thinking she is saving him the disgrace of having her for his wife. But little does she know that true love conquers all!

I highly recommend this book!
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~Rae Byuel~
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