June By Lori Copeland
257 pages
#2 in the Brides of the West Series 1872

Back Cover:

Wanted: Women with religios upbrining, high morals, and a strong sense of adventure, willing to marry decent, God-fearing men. Applicants may apply by mail. Must allow at least 2 months for an answer.

Like her sister befor her June leaves her Michigan home to embrace her future as a mail-order bride: partner and helpmate to a young Washington State pastor. But from the start, nothing works out as June expects. Caught up in her fiance's vision for an elaborate tabernacle that would befit God's glory, she soon learns that not everyone approves of the plan. Most opposed is the hardheaded Parker Sentell, who secretly favors supporting the bedraggled group of orphans in the local orphanage. June's friend Samantha and her aging aunt run the orphanage, and June finds the orphans a natual outlet for her generous muturing spirit. But the two projects seem incompatible, and June finds herself faced with difficult choices-choices that challenge both her faith and her heart.
A lighthearted story that illustrates God's faithfulness even when we don't understand his plan.

My two cents worth:

June arrives in Washington State, to find her fiance sick, and his grouchy best friend. When her fiance dies from the Illness, June finds herself staying on to finish his work. But when she tries to help both the Reverand and the orphanage, the Reverand makes her choose, and she chooses the orphanage. But little does she know that the grouchy Best friend of her would've been husband, has a soft spot for the orphans, the same as she.
Can they set aside their differences? And can they both put aside their pride, and admit they like eachother?
Yet another great book from Ms.Lori Copeland!
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