Danger in the Shadows, By Dee Henderson
312 pages,
The Prequel to the O'Malley Series

Back Cover:
The Bureau Owns Her.
under FBI protection, Sara isn't even Sara Walsh anymore. Her name is what they tell her. Her home is where they send her. And she's never there for long.

A Stranger Owns Her.
Though faceless, he haunts Sara's dreams. He's the man who abducted her as a child and continues to stalk her. He's the one who is determined to end their connection-and Sara's life.

But Most of All, Fear Owns Her.
Which makes falling in love with a man as high profile as Adam Black a bad idea. And a dangerous one. For both of them. Sara's world is an unsafe Place for love-and certainly an unsafe place for the children Adam longs for. No one knows that better than Sara, and she can't take the risk...
But if she doesn't, her life will never be her own. Where will she find the courage to name her terror and face her fear?

Sara, as you read from above, was kidnapped as a child and the man still wants her dead. Her brother Dave is the head of her security, and he will stop at nothing when it comes to her safty. One day along comes, famous Football Player, Adam Black, and he can't help but be attracted to Sara. Sara doesn't know if she can be around Adam, and Still not end up in the media.
Adam ends up helping Dave with Sara's safty, But when the kidnapper shows up where they least espects it, can all three of them believe in the God they Love?

Danger in the Shadows, is a great book to start out a series. Dee Henderson is one of my FAVORITE authors. I love the mystery, and the romance that she puts in her books. I also love the way that she keeps you guessing as to who it is trying to get to Sara. Only till the end do you realize who really 'dun it'. This is a great book, that you will not be able to put down till you finish! Trust me!!!

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