the Negotiator by Dee Henderson
296 Pages
#1 in the O'Malley Series

Back Cover:
FBI special agent Dave Richman has spent his life protecting people; failure is not in his vocabulary. He'll figure out a way to protect Kate even if she is determined to make it difficult.
Kate O'Malley's specialty is hostage situations- defusing human time bombs before they go off. She will walk into the middle of a crisis if that's what is necessary to settle a situation. She's learned to let others see what she wants them to see. She's learned to depend on herself. Only herself. People die if she fails.
Kate is a target. Someone's been sending her black roses. Maybe the same person who just blew up an airplane...and blamed Kate. Then the investigation brings up the one name Kate hoped never to hear again... and she's face with the shocking evidence that the bomber maybe be someone she knows. Now she has to decide if Dave- and the God he trusts so implicitly - is all he's supposed to be. And Dave is about to discover that loving a hostage negotiator is one thing, but keeping her safe is another matter entirely.

My thoughts.
If you haven't thought of it or figured it out yet, Dave Richman is Sara Walsh(Black)'s Brother from the prequel...cool huh? The Negotiator is an interesting book, Kate and Dave meet during a Bank Hold up. Dave behind a counter, and Kate talking to the man holding the bank up. From this point on, Dave is hooked, it takes a tad longer to convince Kate, that he isn't going anywhere. But when a man starts hanging with your Brothers, look out, he's here to stay! Another one of Dee Henderson's best, Keeps you on the edge of you seat and turning the pages!

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