Sunrise Song by Cathethrine Palmer
315 pages
Book #4 in the series: Treasures of the Heart

Last weekend My Family and I went to goodwill, and whenever I go there, I head straight for the books. As I'm sure most of you know, its hard to find GOOD books there, since they are all mixed together. So when I find an author that I know, i make sure to grab it.(even if it happens to be a book in the middle of a series I've never read:) And this past weekend Sunrise Song was one of my finds!!!

Back Cover:
Dr. Fiona Thornton is completely content with her isolated life studying elephants in the wilds of Kenya's Rift Valley...Until Rogan McCullough lands his plane at he campsite and disrupts her entire world. Now Fiona has a high-powered business man on her hands and no use for him, his money or his plan to exploit her beloved elephants. But when poachers threaten Fiona's herd, she and Rogan find themselves working together against all odds. As their hearts join together, they each face a terrible choice...

This was a great book, I have to admit that it started off kind of slow, but it started to pick up speed toward the middle. Catherine shows you, Fiona and Rogan's pasts so that you can better understand the present. Fiona, a woman who prefers to be alone without human contact, and Rogan who lives off of his contacts in the buisness world. And with the Poachers, she keeps you guessing as to who is the culprit. Believe me, I thought I them pinned a couple of times, but in the end I was wrong. And may I say, I'm glad I was.
I don't know about the rest of y'all but when I'm reading a good book, the characters come to life, and I feel as though I'm sitting right there with them, weither it be in the middle of the African Desert to beside a pool at some hotel. And that was the case with this book, Catherine made it come to life in my head, which is what I look for in books I read!
So if you wish to go on an African Adventure, Pick up Sunrise Song, Find a comfy chair, and snuggle up with your coffee, because your going on the ride of your life!!!

Great Story Catherine Palmer!!!
~Rae Byuel~
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