June By Lori Copeland
257 pages
#2 in the Brides of the West Series 1872

Back Cover:

Wanted: Women with religios upbrining, high morals, and a strong sense of adventure, willing to marry decent, God-fearing men. Applicants may apply by mail. Must allow at least 2 months for an answer.

Like her sister befor her June leaves her Michigan home to embrace her future as a mail-order bride: partner and helpmate to a young Washington State pastor. But from the start, nothing works out as June expects. Caught up in her fiance's vision for an elaborate tabernacle that would befit God's glory, she soon learns that not everyone approves of the plan. Most opposed is the hardheaded Parker Sentell, who secretly favors supporting the bedraggled group of orphans in the local orphanage. June's friend Samantha and her aging aunt run the orphanage, and June finds the orphans a natual outlet for her generous muturing spirit. But the two projects seem incompatible, and June finds herself faced with difficult choices-choices that challenge both her faith and her heart.
A lighthearted story that illustrates God's faithfulness even when we don't understand his plan.

My two cents worth:

June arrives in Washington State, to find her fiance sick, and his grouchy best friend. When her fiance dies from the Illness, June finds herself staying on to finish his work. But when she tries to help both the Reverand and the orphanage, the Reverand makes her choose, and she chooses the orphanage. But little does she know that the grouchy Best friend of her would've been husband, has a soft spot for the orphans, the same as she.
Can they set aside their differences? And can they both put aside their pride, and admit they like eachother?
Yet another great book from Ms.Lori Copeland!
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Faith By Lori Copeland
288 pages,
#1 in the Brides of the West Series 1872

Earlier, I did a review on Glory, #4 to this series, well the other day, I bought the rest of the series on Ebay.
Back Cover:
Wanted: Women with religious upbringing, high morals, and a strong sense of adventure, willing to marry decent, God-fearing men. Applicants may apply by mail. Must allow at least 2 months for an answer.

With the matrimonial prospects in her little Michigan town virtually nonexistent, nineteen-year-old Faith- along with her two sisters, Hope and June- answers an ad for mail-order brides. Before she knows it, she's on her way to Deliverance, Texas, determined to make a success of her marriage to wealthy rancher Nicholas Shepherd.
But from the moment she arrives in Deliverance, sparks begin to fly between Faith, a strong-willed tomboy, and her prospective husband- a man with a pretty Strong will of his own! Then there's Liza, Nicholas's mother, who is anything but thrilled that her son has chosen a mail-order bride. After a string of wedding postponements and a slew of interfering people, a union between Nicholas and Faith begins to look less and less likely.
In the meantime Faith and Nicholas are beginning to care for one another-but is their matching stubbornness destine to forever be a barrier between them?

My Two Cents Worth:

Faith and her sisters, have just lost their father, and realize that their ageing aunt can't afford 3 extra mouths to feed. So they answer these ads, but when Faith reaches Texas, it's not all she had hoped.
When the first attempt to get married failed, she thought nothing of it. but after the 2nd or 3rd attempt failed again, Faith begins to doubt if they were supposed to be together. And on top of this her would be mother in law, is still grieving the lose of her husband two years earlier.
When both Faith and Nicholas realize they love each other, can they put aside their pride and accept each other's apologies?

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Where the Wild Rose Blooms By Lori Wick
348 pages
#1 in the Rocky Mountain Memories Series

Back Cover:
In the High Mountains of Colorado, Clayton Taggert dreams of the day he can leave the rough life of a mine surveyor to become a teacher. in the midst of his plans her meets Jackie Fontaine, a newcomer from the East whose strong-willed spirit causes friction from the start.
At first Clay gains more pleasure out of teasing Jackie than wooing her. Just as the spark of love ignites, tragedy strikes, leaving Jackie with a secret so terrible she would rather loose Clay than share it with him. Can anything draw Jackie from her self-imposed exile and open the shutters of her blinded heart?

My two cents worth:
Great book, The whole series is good. even though my favorite Lori Wick book is The Princess, This one is very good.
Clay and Jackie fight for the first part of the book. Neither one realizing that what they are feeling is really love. But when Clay's father gets hurt, and they have to move to the city, Both are bombarded with the feeling that they are losing their other half. While keeping in touch through mail, their love grows more and more.
One day Clay shows up to see if the Jackie he's been writing too was the same one that he once teased. When there, he proposes, and she accepts. But not long after that, a tragedy happens to Jackie. And thinking Clay would no longer love her for it, she breaks all contact with him. thinking she is saving him the disgrace of having her for his wife. But little does she know that true love conquers all!

I highly recommend this book!
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~Rae Byuel~

I got this Great Bargain on Ebay. Someone told me that you could get a bunch of books really cheap there. So I went searching a couple of days ago, and found 5 books to a series (Bride's of the West Series) I've been trying to finish, for only $15! That's the same price as 1 book from Barnes and Noble! I was so excited. I can't wait till I can go 'shopping' again!
So if you want to get cheap books, go ebay.com! you can get some cool finds!

~Rae Byuel~
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The Guardian by Dee Henderson
275 pages
#2 in the O'Malley Series

Back Cover:
The president has selected the next Supreme Court justice. His choice is controversial, highly political, and about to become very public. For the U.S. Marshals who protect the judges, the situation presents the height of security concerns.
one man decides he can't allow the president's choice to sit on the bench. His ruthless attack is high risk- and successful. The justice is dead. But the killer made one mistake...
Shari Hanford was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She's seen the killer. He's seen her. And only one of them can live.
U.S. Marshal Marcus O'Malley thought he knew the risks of the assignment going in. He was wrong. He never expected Shari to invade his heart, nor her faith to change his life. He's been the guardian of the O'Malley family for two decades. Now he's the guardian of a woman being hunted by the best assassin in the world- a woman he'll have to risk everything to protect.

My Thoughts.
Ok this one is just as good as the other two. And if you've read the other two, your just dying to read this one. It has the action, the mystery, and the romance. But does it have the Happy Ending? I know, but if you want to know, you'll have to read it!

To Buy it click > The Guardian (The O'Malley Series #2)

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the Negotiator by Dee Henderson
296 Pages
#1 in the O'Malley Series

Back Cover:
FBI special agent Dave Richman has spent his life protecting people; failure is not in his vocabulary. He'll figure out a way to protect Kate even if she is determined to make it difficult.
Kate O'Malley's specialty is hostage situations- defusing human time bombs before they go off. She will walk into the middle of a crisis if that's what is necessary to settle a situation. She's learned to let others see what she wants them to see. She's learned to depend on herself. Only herself. People die if she fails.
Kate is a target. Someone's been sending her black roses. Maybe the same person who just blew up an airplane...and blamed Kate. Then the investigation brings up the one name Kate hoped never to hear again... and she's face with the shocking evidence that the bomber maybe be someone she knows. Now she has to decide if Dave- and the God he trusts so implicitly - is all he's supposed to be. And Dave is about to discover that loving a hostage negotiator is one thing, but keeping her safe is another matter entirely.

My thoughts.
If you haven't thought of it or figured it out yet, Dave Richman is Sara Walsh(Black)'s Brother from the prequel...cool huh? The Negotiator is an interesting book, Kate and Dave meet during a Bank Hold up. Dave behind a counter, and Kate talking to the man holding the bank up. From this point on, Dave is hooked, it takes a tad longer to convince Kate, that he isn't going anywhere. But when a man starts hanging with your Brothers, look out, he's here to stay! Another one of Dee Henderson's best, Keeps you on the edge of you seat and turning the pages!

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Danger in the Shadows, By Dee Henderson
312 pages,
The Prequel to the O'Malley Series

Back Cover:
The Bureau Owns Her.
under FBI protection, Sara isn't even Sara Walsh anymore. Her name is what they tell her. Her home is where they send her. And she's never there for long.

A Stranger Owns Her.
Though faceless, he haunts Sara's dreams. He's the man who abducted her as a child and continues to stalk her. He's the one who is determined to end their connection-and Sara's life.

But Most of All, Fear Owns Her.
Which makes falling in love with a man as high profile as Adam Black a bad idea. And a dangerous one. For both of them. Sara's world is an unsafe Place for love-and certainly an unsafe place for the children Adam longs for. No one knows that better than Sara, and she can't take the risk...
But if she doesn't, her life will never be her own. Where will she find the courage to name her terror and face her fear?

Sara, as you read from above, was kidnapped as a child and the man still wants her dead. Her brother Dave is the head of her security, and he will stop at nothing when it comes to her safty. One day along comes, famous Football Player, Adam Black, and he can't help but be attracted to Sara. Sara doesn't know if she can be around Adam, and Still not end up in the media.
Adam ends up helping Dave with Sara's safty, But when the kidnapper shows up where they least espects it, can all three of them believe in the God they Love?

Danger in the Shadows, is a great book to start out a series. Dee Henderson is one of my FAVORITE authors. I love the mystery, and the romance that she puts in her books. I also love the way that she keeps you guessing as to who it is trying to get to Sara. Only till the end do you realize who really 'dun it'. This is a great book, that you will not be able to put down till you finish! Trust me!!!

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Glory By Lori Copeland
320 pages
#4 in the Bride's of the West 1872 Series
First three books: Faith, June,& Hope(1-3), Ruth & Patience (5-6)

Ok, To be honest when I was reading this book I didn't know that it was the 4th one in a series, (if you hadn't noticed, this happens to me A LOT) Which is a good thing I guess, I actually thought this one was the 1st. Show's how little I know. LOL
This book, is one of my favorites. Its about a girl named Glory, When she was an infant, she fell off her families wagon heading west. And this Man, named Poppy, Found her and took her into his home. The only thing was, that he didn't teach her to be a woman, he taught her to be a man. But when Poppy dies, Glory decides to head west. On her journey there she meets up with a wagon carrying, 5 mail-order Brides, and one man named, Jackson Lincoln.

Back Cover:
On the run from a no-good scoundrel, Glory reluctantly joins a wagon train of mail-order brides heading for Denver City. But what if her secret endagers them all? And the way the handsome wagon master makes her heart do flip-flops, is just plain befuddling! As if five mail-order brides weren't a big enough handful, now Jackson has a fiercely independent young woman to look after-one who makes his job all the harder by insisting she doesn't need help!Jackson suspects otherwise...and his heart soon insists that this feisty beauty deserves the lion's share of his attention. As Glory's past unfolds, both Jackson and Glory learn important lessons about God's faithfulness-and strength of their growing love.

Doesn't that sound great?!?!?!
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~Rae Byuel~

Sunrise Song by Cathethrine Palmer
315 pages
Book #4 in the series: Treasures of the Heart

Last weekend My Family and I went to goodwill, and whenever I go there, I head straight for the books. As I'm sure most of you know, its hard to find GOOD books there, since they are all mixed together. So when I find an author that I know, i make sure to grab it.(even if it happens to be a book in the middle of a series I've never read:) And this past weekend Sunrise Song was one of my finds!!!

Back Cover:
Dr. Fiona Thornton is completely content with her isolated life studying elephants in the wilds of Kenya's Rift Valley...Until Rogan McCullough lands his plane at he campsite and disrupts her entire world. Now Fiona has a high-powered business man on her hands and no use for him, his money or his plan to exploit her beloved elephants. But when poachers threaten Fiona's herd, she and Rogan find themselves working together against all odds. As their hearts join together, they each face a terrible choice...

This was a great book, I have to admit that it started off kind of slow, but it started to pick up speed toward the middle. Catherine shows you, Fiona and Rogan's pasts so that you can better understand the present. Fiona, a woman who prefers to be alone without human contact, and Rogan who lives off of his contacts in the buisness world. And with the Poachers, she keeps you guessing as to who is the culprit. Believe me, I thought I them pinned a couple of times, but in the end I was wrong. And may I say, I'm glad I was.
I don't know about the rest of y'all but when I'm reading a good book, the characters come to life, and I feel as though I'm sitting right there with them, weither it be in the middle of the African Desert to beside a pool at some hotel. And that was the case with this book, Catherine made it come to life in my head, which is what I look for in books I read!
So if you wish to go on an African Adventure, Pick up Sunrise Song, Find a comfy chair, and snuggle up with your coffee, because your going on the ride of your life!!!

Great Story Catherine Palmer!!!
~Rae Byuel~
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This Months tour is Higher Honor by: S.M. Kirkland along w/ 3 Book Giveaways!

This Book that Kirkland has written is about a group of friends and forgiveness. I've nicknamed it as the book of the 2 F's. This story takes place at the John McIntosh Military Institute.

These Five Friends have finally made it to their senior year, come spring they're going to graduate. They all think that its going to be an easy year, but just a couple months into the school year a tragedy occurs that effects them all.

(back cover) Cassidy Sanders thought her senior year at the John McIntosh Military Institute would be easy even though she had a tough job as the first cadet Inspector General, tasked with ensuring training met standards without hazing. But not everyone is willing to change and when the Captain Chris Benton is Faced with possible sanctions while dealing with the stress of his ailing father, he lashes out at Sanders, brutally assaulting her. For Cassidy, its more proof that the God of her childhood was absent, for Chris its the stunning revelation that his life is spinning out of control faster than he ever imagined. How can they reconcile what happened, and find forgiveness not only toward each other, but toward themselves?

My Thoughts:

This book taught me a lot about forgiveness, and acceptance. Cassidy had to learn to put her trust in God, and to forgive Chris for what he did to her. Cassidy and Chris never got along, not from day 1. So this just put the icing on the cake, as they say. Ryan, Mandy, and Michael all know that Cassidy was Raped, but she wont tell them who did it. So they do everything they can to help Cassidy with this. It was a Great book, and I'm glad its on my shelves, so that when I have a problem with Forgiveness, I can pick up this book, read it, and realize that God can help me forgive anything, and if I don't forgive my life won't be the same.

Now about the book giveaways, S.M.Kirkland, is giving away 3 copies of Higher honor to people that comment on these posts (the links to other websites below) just leave a comment, and your e-mail address, to be included!!!

Book Info: Pre-Order it now at Amazon, by clicking the link below!! For only $14.95


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